Websites what is really been used

This article explores the diverse tools and technologies utilized in developing websites, spanning from corporate webpages to large-scale projects and e-commerce platforms.

By Dario Bellotta


Websites what is really been used

This article is based on my experience. Follow me on Instagram: @darioevaristobellotta

1. Normal websites e.g. company pages

What is been used for ‘normal websites’ like a gym, a tattoo studio or a portfolio?

  • WordPress or other CMS like Typo3 or Joomla but mainly WordPress
  • CSS Frameworks mainly Bootstrap or other similar like Tailwind
  • JQuery as JavaScript libraries
  • Or just Vanilla Websites without a CMS only Bootstrap and JQuery but it’s not that popular
  • No Code Websites there are a lot of no code websites too with as example WordPress + Elementor or with but i wouldn’t recommend to do it

* WordPress is used in 40% -45% of all the websites, Joomla in 2% – 3%, Drupal in 1% – 2%, Magento in 1% – 2%, Wix in 1% – 2%, Sqaurespace in 1% – 2%, TYPO3 in 1%

(I use MDB Bootstrap, WordPress:, JQuery:

2. Bigger Projects websites / webapps

For big projects like Facebook, Twitter or other webapps like Canva, or for big clients you will use:

  • JS Frondend Frameworks like React, Angular, Vue or Svelte JS
  • JS Backend Frameworks like Node, Next or NestJS
  • I know that some big websites like hosting companies are build with PHP as foundation

* React.js in 40% of all websites, Vue.js in 30%, Angular,js 20%, Sveite.js 5%, Ember.js 3%, Backbone.js 1%, Meteor.js 1%

(ReactJs:, AngularJS:, VueJS:, SvelteJS:

* Node.js in 60% of the websites, Next.js in 20%, Nest.js in 10%, Koa.js 5%, Hapi.js 3%, Fastify 2%

(Node.js:, Next.js:, Nest.js:, Koa.js:, Hapi.js:, Fastify.js:

3. Online Shops

  • Shopify my favorite because it feels always the best as a user
  • Shopware no free option this is paid only upfront
  • WordPress + Woocommerce free

* Woocommerce in 30% of all websites, Shopify 20%, Magento 12%, Big Commerce 4% – 5%, Shopware 2% – 3%, Others like (including PrestaShop, OpenCart, Wix, etc.) Remaining percentage

(Shopify:, Shopware:, Woocommerce:


We make differences in Front and Backend Development

Frontend = HTML, CSS, JS (everything that works on the user side) React.js, Vue.js Angular,js and so on

Backend = PHP, MySQL, JSON etc (everything that works on the server) Node.js, Next.js, Nest.js and so on

Vanilla Websites

I mentioned vanilla websites in the first section it’s mainly just a combination of PHP, Bootstrap and JQuery without anything but its not that popular anymore. For a NFT Website for a friend of mine as example I did it vanilla so there are some usecases for it.

Dario Bellotta