Freelancer Tools (as webdeveloper)

A list of tools for your freelancing, developer, designer or marketing carrer.

By Dario Bellotta


Freelancer Tools (as webdeveloper)

List of some freelancing tools I use as a webdeveloper.

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For Developer:

  • ChatGPT: My experience working with ChatGPT was a flawless 5/5. It’s remarkable how it effortlessly tackles developer challenges I couldn’t figure out on my own. Moreover, it significantly enhances my writing capabilities.
  • Stackoverflow: Developer forum every dev uses, including me in daily basis. If you get stuck in your code – go to stackoverflow – they have the answer
  • MDBoostrap: Bootstrap framework for websites. I use the “WP Bootstrap Starter” for all of my WordPress websites. It also has some good pre-written code examples
  • Google Tools: There are a lot of great free to use tools from Google for developing
  • Dotcom Tools Website Speed Test: Best testing site I’ve seen so far for checking your website speed
  • Critical Path CSS Generator: Generates CSS code for avoiding render blocking. Put this code in your head and let your site load your CSS file at the bottom.
  • CSS Autoprefixer: Always paste your CSS Code into this tool to make sure you have all vendor prefixes, like the ones for Safari.
  • XML Sitemap Generator: Generate your sitemap and put it in your main root folder. And don’t forget to submit it in your Google Search Console.
  • Faviconit: Generates favicons in all sizes you need.
  • GZIP Compression Check: Check if your htaccess is set up correctly and GZIP compression is active.
  • Cloudways: One of the best hosting companies I’ve seen. Especially if you’re running an E-Shop and you have to scale your server up.
  • Cloudflare: Free to use CDN Network if your site has a lot of sessions from all over the world.

For Designer:

  • My choice for Social Media posts. I use it for Slides, Reels, TikTok, profile pictures, headers, website images, Social Media ads and more
  • ILoveImg: Mainly for compressing images. Always compress them for websites. You can also scale images quickly
  • Adobe Photoshop: What should I say? You know it
  • Adobe Dimension: Designing in 3D feels very smooth and easy with Dimension. Good for product mockups
  • Flaticon: A lot of Icons for your projects

General Tools:

  • Google Tools: Google Workspace has a lot of great general tools for working
    • Drive: Share your files easily across all platforms
    • Docs: Like Mircosoft Word only better as a web application
    • Keep: Share your text across all devices
  • Language Tool: Check your English grammar before you release your text.

For Advertising:

  • Facebook Tools: 
    • Creator Studio: Official Instagram posting tool from Facebook, schedule, save as draft & post to Facebook.
    • Facebook Ads Manager: Advertise on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t “boost post” on Instagram always use Ads Manager.
  • Google Tools: Away from Social Media you can use Google to advertise
    • Merchants: For your E-Commerce business, set up a product feed an advertise on Google Shopping
    • Ads: Google Ads has a variety of options to advertise, like Search Ads, Adsense Ads or YouTube.
    • Tag Manager: Tag your website to track user behavior 
    • Keyword Planner: You have to have an AD active to use Keyword Planner nowdays
    • Trends: See all search trends for google and get the hottest topics
  • Sistrix Hashtag Generator: Search for necessary keywords for your posts or campaigns
  • Sistrix Meta Snippets: Check or create your meta tags with this tool to ensure its length is good
  • Google Ranking Check Free: Check single keywords on your ranking in Google

YouTube Channel to follow:

  • Design Course: “I teach full stack development! Which means you will see tutorials regarding UI/UX, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, Graphic Design and more!”
  • Google Chrome Developers: Official Google web developer channel
  • Most known YouTube Channel for developer

Last Update: March 9th 2024

Dario Bellotta