Wordpress Developer Kit


How to install

Newest version: V.1.02
Follow my IG for updates or let me know if you’re having bugs: @darioevaristobellotta
This kit is only for developers, it’s not the right thing for beginners

Installing is done with Duplicator Plugin

  1. Unzip my
  2. Upload the .zip folder inside and the installer.php to your root folder
  3. Navigate to
  4. Follow the installer instructions
  5. Note: You may have to check “Apply legacy collation fallback support for unknown collations types” in options
  6. Important: Your PHP Version has to be 7.x (7.4)
  7. Important: Your Database has to be MySQL
  8. Login username: adminkit
  9. Login password: 0rH8W1NkAHgJx(28Az5GLgP@


This Kit is as clean as it can be and everything is set up correctly and ready to go.

  1. JQuery
  2. Bootstrap
  3. Child Theme
  5. Open Graph
  6. Twiiter Cards
  7. Preloading Fonts
  8. Fontawesome
  9. Favicons
  10. Theme Colors
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Hidden Backend URL
  13. Good Caching
  14. Cookies
  15. Duplicator as Backup / Re-Install
  16. WP Meta SEO
  17. SSL
  18. Minimal Frontend
  19. Site Kit by Google and Jetpack
  20. Fonts included
  21. Prefixed CSS
  22. Responsive
  23. No Admin Bar


V 1.01

  1. Fixed username and login issues
  2. changed lanquage to english


Documentation is not finished it’s an ongoing process


  • Important folder: /wp-content/themes/wp-bootstrap-starter-child where your header, footer and style is
  • Change Homepage Backend -> Pages -> Homepage
  • Change Backend URL Backend -> Settings -> General
  • Delete Cache Backend -> “Clear Cache for Me” and “autoptimize -> “delete cache”
  • SSL is enabled through Plugins -> “Really Simple SSL”
  • Enable Tracking Plugins Backend -> Plugins enable “Jetpack” and “Site Kit by Google”
  • Change Cookies Backend -> Cookies
  • Make Backup or transfer site Backend -> Duplicator
  • Change Meta Backend -> WP Meta SEO -> Content Meta
  • Change User Backend -> Users
  • Change Imprint or data protection Backend -> Pages -> “imprint” or “data protection”


  • Change title Backend -> WP Meta SEO -> Content Meta
  • Change favicon /wp-content/themes/wp-bootstrap-starter-child/favicon with and dont forget it in root/favicon.ico
  • Change Logo header.php -> search for “LOGO”
  • Change Backgroundimage style.css
  • Change copyright name footer.php search for “Copyright”
  • Change fonts at the top of style.css
  • Change fonts preload header.php -> search for “preload”
  • Change description header.php -> search for “description”
  • Change keywords header.php -> search for “keywords”
  • Change header.php -> search for “”
  • Change Open Graph header.php -> search for “Open Graph”
  • Change Twitter Cards header.php -> search for “Twitter”
  • Change Theme Color header.php -> search for “Chrome”
  • Enable Google Analytics header.php -> search for “Google property” and change it to your GA ID